Mental Coaching Services


The Power of the Mind!

Mindweave's founder, Jamie Arber, boasts an extensive and international educational background in the field of psychology alongside a wealth of professional experience in the field of human services. Utilizing a unique combination of Hypnosis,  Cognitive Reprocessing Techniques,  and Mental Coaching Strategies, Jamie has successfully guided a diverse range of individuals with complex and testing needs to bring about positive and lasting changes in their lives. 

As part of Mindweave's service array, Jamie has developed a range of highly successful techniques that are specifically focused towards empowering each individual who utilizes Mindweave's Mental Coaching Services, to bring about the positive changes required to improve their quality of life.  Mindweave's empowerment process is facilitated primarily through assisting each individual to clearly identify and understand the root of their self-destructive thought processes and then provide the guidance and support needed to ensure the long-term positive enhancements and cognitive changes required for personal success are developed and employed consistently.

Mindweave's Mental Coaching Services are completely tailored to fit each individual's personal needs and have been utilized by those seeking assistance and guidance with career development, confidence/ego enhancement, sports performance issues, social anxiety, dating confidence, and personal goal achievement.

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