Service Fees

Mindweave has developed a range of service options to fit almost any budget in order to ensure that our supports are accessible to those who are in need. Each of our service options are completely tailored to our clients needs and are focused on supporting their success and growth.  


Smoking Cessation Programming 

In office programming. 

Level 1 - Three individualized sessions and three individualized digital voice recordings. $240 

Level 2 - Five individualized sessions and five individualized digital voice recordings. $400 

Level 3 - Eight individualized sessions and six individualized digital voice recordings. $640

Weight Release Programming - Unlimited Sessions - For Just $299.

  • In office one-to-one sessions.

  • Unlimited session potential.

  • Results based not session based weight release.

  • Tailored voice recordings to support your progress.

Mindweave has developed a results based weight release program, which is completely focused on our clients individual weight control needs. Each client entering the weight Mindweave weight release program will receive three initial one-to-one in house sessions, three tailored voice recordings, and a range of holistic weight loss strategies to integrate into their new healthy lifestyles. At the conclusion of their last session, Mindweave clients will have the opportunity to receive unlimited top-up sessions each time 10 lbs of weight release occurs until their identified target is attained.

Individualized Sessions 

In office, one-to-one client centered sessions in the areas of:

  • Pain Management

  • Phobia Control

  • Trauma Support

  • Stress Management

  • Confidence Enhancement

  • Sports Performance

$80.00 per one hour session. 

EMDR Sessions

In office one-to-one sessions focused on trauma resolution.

$60.00 per one hour session

Skype Hypnosis and Mental Coaching Sessions

$55.00 per one hour session. 

Service Discounts

Mindweave is committed to supporting those who support others. As such, we offer a 20% discount for any client who works in the healthcare, military or first responder fields.


Your Appointment

  • Please arrive at the exact time of your appointment.

  • If you can not make your appointment you are expected to provide at least 24 hours of notice in advance. Those who do not provide 24 hours of notice will loose the cost of that session.

  • Due to demand any clients that cancels two sessions in a row may have to wait up to two months before they are able to secure another appointment.

  • Clients attending Mindweave for their first appointment and who cancel will be required to prepay for their ongoing sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How many sessions will i need? The number of sessions required is completely individualized and discussed between the client and the hypnotist depending on need.

  • How can i pay for my sessions? Mindweave is able to accept cash, checks, and all credit cards.

  • Do i get my money back if it does not work? No, you are compensating the hypnotist for their time and expertise, in return they are providing you with the tools that will have the potential to aid you to overcome your specific concern. You are responsible to continue on with the work needed in order to achieve your personal goals.

  • Can i purchase a Mindweave gift voucher? Yes, you can simply call and pay via credit card or check and we will mail/email a Mindweave gift voucher to your chosen recipient. If you are purchasing a voucher online please remember to include the full name and postal address of your chosen recipient.

Disclaimer: Hypnosis is a therapeutic support and like all other therapeutic supports results have the potential to vary from one individual to another.