With the assistance of Mindweave Hypnosis you have the potential to change your future for the better!

Service Philosophy

Mindweave Hypnosis has rapidly grown to become one of Connecticut’s most successful providers of hypnosis, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and mind-coaching support services.

Connecticut resident and the founder of Mindweave Hypnosis, Jamie Arber, B.A., M.A., C.B.I.S., C.C.H., possesses an international educational background in the field of psychology alongside specialized advanced training and certification in the areas of Brain Injury, Trauma resolution, and hypnosis. These areas of expertise have been combined in a comprehensive array of support services which have elevated Mindweave Hypnosis beyond any other hypnosis provider in Connecticut.

Each client that utilizes the Mindweave Hypnosis treatment approach is provided with an individually tailored and collaborative hypnosis or mind-coaching experience. With each experience being focused on ensuring that our clients unique needs are met in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

All of Mindweave’s hypnosis, EMDR, and mind-coaching services are provided under a one-to-one, in person, client focused approach where the collaborative experience of change is closely monitored and ensured by a National Guild of Hypnotists and EMDRIA credentialed professional. 

Mindweave Hypnosis does not utalize group-based support services or prerecorded sessions for clients to listen to during our sessions together, due to these methods not fitting with Mindweave Hypnosis’s individualized treatment philosophy.

Reach for your dreams with Connecticut's leading hypnosis provider, Mindweave Hypnosis! Don't delay call 860-484-3041 today to schedule your complimentary consultation session!

Reach for your dreams with Connecticut's leading hypnosis provider, Mindweave Hypnosis! Don't delay call 860-484-3041 today to schedule your complimentary consultation session!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can anyone be hypnotized? I strongly believe that anyone can be hypnotized If they wish to participate in the process and the right technique is utilized. There are many hypnosis techniques available to appropriately trained and skilled practitioners and at Mindweave Hypnosis I work with each individual to identify what works best for them.

  • Can I get stuck in hypnosis? The simple answer to this question is NO! You will always wake up out from a state of hypnosis. Even if a hypnotist gets up and leaves their office while you are in a hypnotic state you will simply drift into a natural sleep and will wake up in the same way as from a normal, natural sleep after a short period of time.

  • Will I be totally unconscious? It has been shown by EEG readings during hypnosis that you are actually more alert while in a hypnotic state than during a waking state. However, the hypnotic state enables you to focus your attention inward in a state that is very similar to daydreaming. During the hypnotic process that you will experience at Mindweave Hypnosis you will simply be moved into a state of deep and total relaxation where the analytical part of your mind will slow down, and the unconscious mind will open up to listen to and react to the suggestions being offered.

  • Will I be under the power of the hypnotist? You are in total control of your thought process throughout the hypnosis process and can not be made to do anything that might go against your wishes or your moral code.

  • I don't think I can be hypnotized! Many individuals incorrectly believe that you must be gullible to be a good subject for hypnosis. In fact, modern research has shown that there is a correlation between intelligence levels and the suggestibility needed for success in hypnosis, with greater levels of intelligence having the potential to raise the state of hypnosis required to take in and subconsciously process the verbal and visual suggestions provided during a Mindweave Hypnosis session.

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